drum roll, please • Meet lozthedrummer

Music is not only a way to express yourself but also creates a world you can escape to. Whether you need to cheer up or play your favourite song as motivation to run these extra miles – without music, our lives would be indeed miserable.

Lauren has found her passion in music and shares her talent on social media.

„I have always had a passion for music and there was nothing else I could see myself putting my energy into and making a career out of it.“

Music is like a big cake that satisfies the different taste of anyone. Some might listen to pop music on the radio or move their head to heavy metal songs.

Lauren plays the drums and publishes covers of various songs online. Her talent brings a different perspective to well-known tunes.

At what age did you start to produce music?

“I started playing instruments when I was 7 or 8 years old, but I really prioritised music when I was around 16 and started to have a few instruments under my belt.”

Snippet of @/lozthedrummer ´s cover “Lets Go on the Run” by Chance the Rapper (Instagram)

Growing up with music has many benefits. The ability to play instruments and sing enables young people to strengthen their communication skills as well as emotional wellbeing.

“The piano was the first instrument that I learnt to play, followed by the acoustic guitar and then the drums.”

Which instrument is your favourite to play?

“I definitely think that the drums are my favourite instrument, I love being able to give attitude to my performance and it really allows me to express who I am, how I feel and to have loads of fun with it too.”

Lauren has not always been performing as a solo musician. She used to play with other members from different bands and gained experience during this time.

“I have been in and out of different bands. The most successful band I have been with so far was the Brookes, who are sadly no longer together. But I have also performed with different cover bands across the years.”

Lauren is 21 years old and continues to follow her passion. She studies Professional Music Performance at the Academy of Contemporary Music in London, England.

“Once I have finished my degree, Covid permitting, I’m hoping to be performing regularly and recording with/for bands and for myself. I’d love to be able to get back into a studio and record more songs as soon as possible.”

Snippet of @/lozthedrummer ´s Cover “Figure It Out” by Royal Blood (Instagram)

Being able to play drums is thought to be immensely rewarding. However, you need to invest a lot of time and effort to reach a professional, musical ability. The main component of playing drums is rhythm. The sound of drums does not only provide a solid beat but also provides a unique technique.

On your social media, you post covers of well-known songs like “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga. Which one is your favourite cover so far?

Covers are something I really enjoy doing as I spent a lot of my practice time playing to my favourite tunes.

There’s quite a few songs I’ve been playing for a long time that I know like the back of my hand now and can be quite creative whilst playing them.

I think the favourite of my covers I’ve done so far is my cover of Shallow from A Star is Born. I played all the instruments on this cover; I just had a really good time recording it and so far it’s gotten really good reviews, haha.”

Make sure to check out Lauren’s music on SoundCloud!

Apart from accompanying songs with drums, have you published any self-written songs or is that something you would consider in the future?

“I have released original songs with the bands I was a part of. I’ve never actually released any original solo music, but this is something I’d like to do in the future and something I’m trying to work on during lockdown.”

Coronavirus has made a significant impact on life but also on the creative industry. It is harder to stay focussed and motivated throughout these challenging times. How do you stay motivated?

“Yeah for me too, it has been super hard to stay motivated in lockdown.

I think the key for me was just taking the pressure off the idea that I’m supposed to use this time to be as productive as possible.

I have recently found my flow and what I want to work on whilst I have all this free time. So, I’m just trying to stick to doing what I enjoy and not put myself under pressure. “

What has been your proudest achievement?

“There’s been work I’ve put out in the past that I have put in a lot of time and effort to produce and put in front of as many people as possible that I am super proud of. But, when I was with one of my old bands and we started being recognised in the industry and getting more and more gigs across the UK and making the band more and more full time, I’m super proud of that because it is the closest, I’ve come to achieving what I want to achieve in my career.”

Although, coronavirus puts our lives on hold, Lauren continues to stay productive and shows us what she got!

Follow Lauren on social media and check out her website to support her journey and listen to her amazing talent. 
Instagram. @/lozthedrummer 
SoundCloud: Lozthedrummer 
Website: https://laurentaylor904.wixsite.com/mysite-1 

it starts with a brushstroke • Digital Illustrations

Communication has always been key to express thoughts and emotions. Around 6,500 languages are spoken around the world and each is unique to the other. Although English is considered a “universal language”, many struggle to learn the language and are left behind. However, there is one form of expression that unites everyone no matter the background, gender, religion and culture – it’s art.

Art is a wordless language that can be understood thoroughly, but differently at the same time.

Wiktoria puts her thoughts on paper or more specific, on screen – not only as Journalism student at the University of the Arts, London but also as digital illustrator.

“Be careful, she is a cosmic lover” by Wiktoria on her Instagram account @_lady_fatale

“In a way, my art works the same as my Journalism, to tell stories. I’m obsessed with that, and art is a sweet and intimate way of doing that. Especially things hard to explain in just words.”

When did you start to create illustrations?

“I have been drawing since I can remember. My mother went to an art college and university in Poland. Creativity has always been part of the family, my brother does a lot of art related stuff too. But specifically illustration, digitally, started a few years ago on my tiny ass phone screen using my finger. I realised I was pretty alright at it, given the very limiting tech and enjoyed it a lot, so last year for Christmas my boyfriend bought me a Wacom art tablet so I can pursue that. “

Creativity and mindfulness are essential to every artist. Drawing on screen offers another challenge. Technology has the advantage to use different techniques at the same time, as well as offers a great spectrum of colour palettes that reduces cost and mess caused by traditional paint.

What programmes do you use for your illustrations?

“I’ve used a series of different apps and programmes like Adobe draw, where I drew on my phone, a little on Adobe illustrator. But mostly I use clip studio paint, I love it so much and find it the most easy to use.”

On Instagram @saturated_auburn_artjuice

The internet creates a new world that connects people and Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are more frequently used among every age group. Social media is more frequently used by artist to share their work, nonetheless, every piece of art is meaningful in its own way.

Wiktoria has two Instagram accounts @_lady_fatale and @saturated_auburn_artjuice.

What is the difference between the two social media accounts?

@saturated-auburn-artjuice is just a huge mess of everything and anything. I never took it half as seriously as I should’ve, you can see me experimenting with a lot of different styles and approaches to figure out my style. Its great in a way but I felt it lacked impact and consistency and a real PURPOSE. I just posted my art like, yes…here you go, art. Without any real drive.

I knew I wanted to focus on social political issues, especially women empowerment but didn’t know how. That’s where @lady-fatale came in.”

The artist is the only one knowing the full meaning behind the work, the viewer might grasp the concept but could also build a new notion.

What is the meaning behind your illustrations?

“The messages in my art are mainly surrounded by relatable thoughts and feelings and presenting them in witty and easy on the eye illustrations. I guess it’s about putting thoughts to paper. Conversations with friends, my current moods and news and current events inspire the next illustration. In a way, my art works the same as my Journalism, to tell stories. I’m obsessed with that, and art is a sweet and intimate way of doing that. Especially things hard to explain In just words.”

Powerful ideas are hidden behind colours and brushstrokes. Even colours have an affect – red associates with love and anger, blue for sadness and confidence and white for purity. Art can be seen by anyone, nevertheless, one person might have a deeper and more emotional connection to an illustration than the other. Who is your main audience?

My audience is anyone who cares for art really, but with a huge focus on women,

I’d love to empower, normalise and make my art relatable to women. Some are more blatantly feminist work than others but I’d love to think that all my work channels, excuse the expression ‘bad bitch vibes’

I guess that’s the goal – to make women feel good and heard and knowing their worth. I have other focuses too, but definitely women are my focus almost all the time. “

Do you have an artist/s that inspire you?

” I am inspired by too many amazing and incredible female artists! Pollynor, I have loved and followed her work before I even took up digital illustration, I’ve seen her exhibitions and fell in love with her strong messages through visual art. Florence Given is another one, honestly her work has really been the source of my own growth as a woman and I saw myself alot in her and what she does. Venus Libido and her ‘daring’ and raw illustrations of women just being women, REAL women has been a huge inspiration too. It took a while to figure out my own style, I tried to do everything, but I didn’t finally find my ‘thing’ until I came across artist MeanMachine and it clicked, and I guess all those inspirations just combined. It is still a work in progress and i’m still experimenting but that’s the way to be!”

The pandemic has a significant influence on creativity flow and mental health. Being stuck at home can both be positive as you have time to think more about your creations but also negatively as the pressure increases and emotions seem overwhelming. How did coronavirus influence your work and everyday life?

“Oh god, at the start of coronavirus I didn’t touch my tablet or a pencil for that matter for a long time. But once I got comfortable being home I learnt to take the time to do it for myself and not feel guilty for not posting much art. So I took up clay modelling, pottery, painting. Literally everything. And Lady-Fatale may have never happened without Coronavirus where I had so much time to figure out what I want to do with my creativity. I’ve usually found I draw when I’m not feeling 100% so its almost an escape…coronavirus truly did its thing in that department and I have found a lot of motivation to post my illustrations.”

What are your goals and wishes for the future and your digital illustrations?

“My goals would be to master the skill of treating my hobby as something serious. Like I always used to brush it under and undermine it but I realise it makes me happy and it is what I enjoy, so why not take it further?”

There is no doubt that incredible talent, passion and effort are reflected in Wiktoria’s artwork. Every illustrations speaks for itself and presents a meaningful story. Make sure to check out both Instagram accounts for more illustrations- @_lady_fatale and @saturated_auburn_artjuice.

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