Eunoia is an interactive project that discusses a variety of social justice and lifestyle issues with the audience. The importance is to engage with the community and share opinions and thoughts. Eunoia also includes discussions with experts as well as audio pieces from a variety of people from the audience.

Interview with Rae Lim – The importance of emotions in the entertainment industry

Rae Lim is not only incredible with acting as seen in various movies, such as the upcoming James Bond “No Time to Die” or Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse” with Michael B. Jordan, but also creates amazing music. Her songs mirror her personal experiences while also being very relatable. In this interview, we discuss the importance…

Fit into the template – Beauty standards and Selfie Dysmorphia

TW: Mental health (depression), beauty standards, selfie dysmorphia, body image, self-criticism To anyone that needs to hear this today: You are beautiful. You are beautiful the way you are, but many struggle to accept that. Why? Well, the idealised and unrealistic beauty image of today’s society might be a reason.Beauty standards have shaped our perspective…

Happy together, stronger apart – Mental Health during a pandemic

“Keep social distance, wash your hands and don’t contract the virus.”It is easier said than done. In the past year, I stayed at home in Germany. My social interaction has decreased dramatically, and I feel alone, although I’m with my family. The uncertainty and battle against the invisible enemy take a significant toll on mental…

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