about me

My name is Stella and I’m currently in my 2nd Year of Journalism at the University of the Arts, London. I was born and raised in Germany and went to the UK when I was 16 years old.

I’m a type one diabetic and one of my goals in life is to educate people and raise awareness.

I started Citronnade.blog to share my ideas. Every picture so far is drawn by me. I also want to work against my writer’s block that especially hunts me during coronavirus. I love to test my creativity and I hope you will too!

Love, Stella.

Also, if you like to know more about my life with type one diabetes, check out the post below. Happy reading!

no, I did not eat too many sweets • Type one diabetes • bitterpill

TW: mention of blood, needles, mental health, abuse, death DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional health adviser, thus the posts should not be used for a diagnosis. Every person that has been interviewed for this project shares their own personal stories. If you have any worries concerning your own health, you should consult with a doctor. In…