[may- rah-kee] Greek. 
– doing something with soul, creativity, or love 

This project focusses on ambitious people. Whether they are running a small business or are students with a dream. Citronnade introduces their fantastic potential and supports their work! 

Crawling onto the plate: insect-based food for dogs

What might be a challenge for some people is actually part of many cultures worldwide – eating insects. You might have seen crickets as garnish on you plate, but today we are talking about insect-based food for our four-legged friends. Dogs are naturally curious and it is not unusual that a little insect lands in…

Traditional art meets modern art

It is often hard to believe that the sole imagination of a human being leads to creating beautiful artworks. Our ancestors drew on cave walls as a form of belief. And since then, art is seen as communication and cultural, religious and even political “silent messenger”. We don’t need to speak the language of the…

Á table Mathieu • Cooking in modern times

As a kid, I was obsessed with the movie Ratatouille. It’s fascinating how simple it looked to combine the sweetness of the strawberry with the savoury taste of the cheese and create mouth-watering dishes. It’s all about Anyone can cook, right? If life would only be that simple. Growing up and embracing independence is a…

drum roll, please • Meet lozthedrummer

Music is not only a way to express yourself but also creates a world you can escape to. Whether you need to cheer up or play your favourite song as motivation to run these extra miles – without music, our lives would be indeed miserable. Lauren has found her passion in music and shares her…

Interview with Avamo • meraki

Avamo started her own singer and songwriter career during the coronavirus pandemic. She learned how to play the guitar and how to use different music creation programs by herself. The interview focuses on Avamo´s story and her achievements as she was also featured on BBC Introducing. Welcome to the very first podcast episode for Citronnade!…

it starts with a brushstroke • Digital Illustrations

Communication has always been key to express thoughts and emotions. Around 6,500 languages are spoken around the world and each is unique to the other. Although English is considered a “universal language”, many struggle to learn the language and are left behind. However, there is one form of expression that unites everyone no matter the…

Haus Dahlia • Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is a form of expressing ourselves. Our style is represented in all sorts of clothing, accessories, furniture and more. However, many fashion brands do not consider the importance of sustainability and fair trade as profit is their primary focus. This is not the case for Haus Dahlia – a fashion brand lead by students…

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