Traditional art meets modern art

It is often hard to believe that the sole imagination of a human being leads to creating beautiful artworks. Our ancestors drew on cave walls as a form of belief. And since then, art is seen as communication and cultural, religious and even political “silent messenger”. We don’t need to speak the language of the artist to understand their meaning. Nowadays, galleries feature a variety of works by famous painters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Gustav Klimt, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and more that spent half their lives on a piece. In modern times, new tools and technology help creatives to spare time and simplify the process.
Nevertheless, it is easy to distinguish between traditional art and digital art. Is classic art more valuable? Will it get extinct?

It talked to Amina Adous Bracamonte about the importance of art in our society, and how her art is influenced by the modern approach.

by @/aminamennte on Instagram

“I prefer making art the traditional way, at least for now, it relaxes me in a different way, for me it’s gratifying in another level.”

We have different talents, strengths & weaknesses, and an individual view. That’s what makes us unique. You might not play the flute as good as Lizzo does, but there is always something that makes you stand out from others nonetheless.

Amina has found her passion in her art which she shares on social media. It feels like a new aesthetic to watch the process of her paintings with the beautiful landscape of Spain in the background. What sparked your interest in art, and how long have you drawn?

“I don’t specifically remember, but I think as a kid I wasn’t a big fan of playing with dolls or anything, only drawing, so my mom put me in art class as an alternative.”, says Amina. She is mainly inspired by traditional painting, realism as well as the work of ancient masters.

The beauty of art is undeniable. From an early age on during art class, children learn to adequately express themselves through drawing, paper projects, working with clay and much more. Although most of their artistry is not quite like the work by Picasso, the central importance is to develop language skills, motor skills, and creativity. So why do you think art is important?

“I think its important in two ways: For the artist it’s vital because it’s a window to escape reality in a way, you can express any feeling, any moment in time, free yourself. Also you put a part of yourself in each piece of art that you make so people can observe, reflect and appreciate.

For the observer it’s important because it’s a moment of reflection, a pause, where you are looking at the piece and just making your own opinions about it, thinking of how it was done, what the artist was inspired about, the feelings it’s trying to represent.”

What do you think is most beautiful about traditional art?

“I think it’s beautiful because it’s been done for so long, and you can basically do it with anything, for example people million years ago would paint with animal blood in cave walls, there’s so many ways and techniques to do it.”

There are various advantages for traditional art and digital art. For example, drawing digitally allows you to have a wide range of tools and colours. This not only decreases costs for material but enables better accessibility when you are ready to create. On the other hand, traditional art is much more hands-on. If you make a mistake, you can’t erase it as quickly as for digital drawings. How do you use clay and carving tools? How do you mix colours to get your desired shade? The general understanding of the material and the art methods are broadened, and motor skills are improved.

Have you ever tried to draw digitally?

“Yes! I was really excited to try it out. I feel it being so new and technological it can have a lot of advantages. It’s still something very new for me.”

Here are some pieces of Amina`s digital artwork:

Most of Amina’s work is shared on her Instagram. What are the benefits of sharing art on social media?

“It gives you so much exposure, it’s very easy and free way to share your art comparing it to a gallery or something like that.”

Art is unique, just like the artist that creates it. Style, technique, colour palette and format are often individual to each creator. For example, did you know that Van Gogh was known for using the technique Impasto? Instead of an even and light surface, thickly laid paint covers the canvas, which creates a three-dimensional texture. His most famous work, which was created with Impasto, is  “The Starry Night” (1889).

The art industry is constantly evolving. New artists publish their work on the internet and gain publicity through social media, like TikTok and Instagram. The significant styles and individual touches make each creation unique. However, taste differs. What might be beautiful to one person might not be someone else’s cup of tea, but as Shakespeare said: Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye (…)”.

Do you think anyone can draw?

“Absolutely, there’s this false idea that in order for you to be a good artist you have to be born with the talent, have a steady hand or a sharp eye. It obviously helps a lot but the main thing that gets you better it’s practice, making bad art and exploring what works for you and what doesn’t.”

Thank you so much to Amina! Check out her Instagram to stay up to date with her latest creations.


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