Happy together, stronger apart – Mental Health during a pandemic

“Keep social distance, wash your hands and don’t contract the virus.”
It is easier said than done. In the past year, I stayed at home in Germany. My social interaction has decreased dramatically, and I feel alone, although I’m with my family. The uncertainty and battle against the invisible enemy take a significant toll on mental health – and I’m not alone with it.

Before, we used to go out with friends without worrying. But what happens once we go back to “normal”?

In this video, I interviewed Andreea, a student in London. “Certain areas have improved, but other areas, especially my social anxiety, I think certainly have worsened.”
A survey by mind.org called “The mental health emergency- How has the coronavirus impacted our mental health?” demonstrates essential information about the mental wellbeing of young people aged 13-24.
Read the complete survey here: https://www.mind.org.uk/media-a/5929/the-mental-health-emergency_a4_final.pdf?

Music: “What comes next?” by Manukapp

Interview with Avamo • meraki

Avamo started her own singer and songwriter career during the coronavirus pandemic. She learned how to play the guitar and how to use different music creation programs by herself.

The interview focuses on Avamo´s story and her achievements as she was also featured on BBC Introducing.

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